April 2014 Historic Elections for
​IAM Machinists Grand Lodge Executive Officers

​IAM general election for Grand Lodge Officers concluded in April. IAM Reform has filed an election protest with the US Dept of Labor and awaits the results of the investigation.

Together we can make the IAM work for all of us -- our Reform candidates are: 

- Jay Cronk for Int'l President (IAM Card #AK014715 Lodge 1112), 

- Karen Asuncion for General VP (IAM Card #BL010412 Lodge 1759​),

- Jason Redrup for General VP (IAM Card #BN057217 Local Lodge 751-A)

- Tim O'Brien for General VP (IAM Card #BD051340 Lodge 851)

- Dale Cancienne for IAM Gnrl Secretary-Treasurer (IAM Card #CA050847 Local Lodge 1905)

- Patrick E. Maloney for IAM General Vice President (IAM Card #0L061755 Local Lodge 63)

-  Sande Lien (IAM Card #CB016729 Local Lodge 2202)

NOTICE: IT IS A VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW FOR ANY FULL TIME LOCAL, DISTRICT, OR GRAND LODGE STAFF MEMBER TO CAMPAIGN FOR OR AGAINST ANY CANDIDATE WHILE WORKING AND ON ASSIGNMENT. It is a violation of Federal Law for any full time Local, District, or Grand Lodge staff member to unduly influence, intimidate or coerce any Local Lodge officer, member and/or other eligible voter to support or not support the candidacy of any candidate.​ IF YOU FEEL ANY FULL TIME STAFF MEMBER OF THE LOCAL, DISTRICT, OR GRAND LODGE HAS VIOLATED FEDERAL LABOR LAW, PLEASE CONTACT: U.S. Department of Labor - Geneva Ferrando, Election Supervisor tel 202-513-7309 email: ferrando.geneva@dol.gov​ and also contact your Office of Labor-Management Standards district office www.dol.gov/olms/contacts/lmskeyp.htm

Background on Election Violations
The U.S. Department of Labor will supervise this new election for President and executive officers of the IAM after an investigation into its 2013 elections revealed widespread violations of federal law.

​The investigation by the U.S. Office of Labor-Management Standards Washington District Office disclosed that the union failed to provide notice of nomination to the membership regarding the nomination of international officers; local lodges did not provide notice of their nomination meetings to all members; and members were denied a reasonable opportunity to nominate candidates.

​It was also alleged, the Executive Council misused union funds by dispersing the entire staffs of both Grand and District Lodges to pressure and otherwise unduly influence and coerce Local Lodges into supporting the incumbents over challengers.  The Executive Council proposed for nomination candidates not qualified in accordance with the IAM Constitution, candidates who were not IAM union members, e.g. Diane Babineaux.​

​Based on its findings, the Dept of Labor was preparing to file suit in Federal Court to overturn the election. IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger entered into a Voluntary Compliance Agreement in August, 2013, to avoid that lawsuit. Under the Agreement, the IAM must run a new nomination and election process in 2014 for the offices of International President, General Secretary Treasurer and eight (8) General Vice Presidents, supervised by the Dept of Labor.

The Dept of Labor required the IAM to mail information about nomination procedures to all IAM members in mid-December. If you did not receive this IAM mailing, ensure the Grand Lodge has your correct mailing address or see information below on filing election complaints/protests.

By federal law, “Members may not be subjected to penalty, discipline, or improper interference or reprisal of any kind in the exercise of their right to support the candidate of their choice.”

HERE ARE THE ACTUAL ELECTION RULES issued by the US Dept of Labor supervising the election

As a result of an agreement between the IAM and the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS), the IAM is conducting new nominations, and a new election if necessary, for the offices of International President, General Secretary-Treasurer, and eight General Vice Presidents under the supervision of the U.S. Secretary of Labor.
OLMS is responsible for assuring that the election is conducted in accordance with Title IV of the Labor-Management and Disclosure Act of 1959 (LMRDA), and, in accordance with that responsibility, has established the following rules:

1. ELECTION SUPERVISOR Investigator Geneva Ferrando has been appointed election supervisor and has the authority and responsibility for implementing all aspects of the supervised election. All questions, correspondence, or protests should be directed to her:

Geneva Ferrando, Election Supervisor Washington District Office 800 North Capitol St. NW, Suite 120 Washington, DC 20002-4244 (202) 513-7309 (phone) (202) 513-7301 (fax) olmselectionsupervisor@dol.gov
(Note, IAM Reform recommends any election protests also be shared with your local Dept of Labor district office, www.dol.gov/olms/contacts/lmskeyp.htm)

2. APPLICATION OF THE IAM CONSTITUTION The election will be conducted (insofar as lawful and practicable) in accordance with the provisions of the IAM Constitution (dated January 1, 2013).

3. OFFICERS TO BE ELECTED New nominations, and a new election if necessary, will be held for the offices of International President, General Secretary-Treasurer, and eight General Vice Presidents (U.S.)

4. TERM OF OFFICE The term of office will be for the remainder of the unexpired term which will end on June 30, 2017.

5. GENERAL TIME FRAMES The nomination process will take place at each local lodge on Saturday, January 25, 2014 from 6:00am until 8:00am and from 6:00pm until 8:00pm. Any necessary endorsement votes will be held on Saturday, February 8, 2014 from 6:00am to 8:00am and 6:00pm until 8:00pm. If an election is necessary, it will be completed prior to July 2014.

6. ELIGIBILITY TO HOLD OFFICE The IAM Constitution provides in Article 3, Section 3 that in order to be eligible to hold grand lodge office, a person must be a member in continuous good standing for at least five years immediately prior to his or her nomination, and free of indebtedness of any nature to any local lodge, district lodge or the grand lodge. Candidates must be working at the trade, skill, or profession at the time and for one year preceding the nomination. Salaried officers or employees of the local lodges, district lodges, or the grand lodge are excepted from this provision, provided such employment or other employment at the trade, skill, or profession, separately or jointly, has been continuous during the 12 months next preceding their nomination.

The employment qualification shall not apply to members who have been unable to obtain employment as a result of a strike, lockout, discrimination, or temporary physical disability. No incumbent or non-incumbent candidate for an elected grand lodge office will be eligible to seek such office if by reason of age he/she would not be able to serve at least two full years of such term before he/she would be required to retire. Section 504 of the LMRDA prohibits persons convicted of certain crimes, such as robbery, bribery, extortion, etc., from holding union office for a period of 13 years after conviction or the end of imprisonment, whichever is later.

7. NOMINATION PROCEDURES The DOL-IAM agreement states that each local lodge will provide members in good standing the opportunity to nominate candidates on Saturday, January 25, 2014. Members will be able to make nominations between 6:00am and 8:00am and again between 6:00pm and 8:00pm.

Each local lodge will designate a place for the nomination meeting to be held. Local lodge members who work more than 150 miles from their regular local lodge meeting location will be assigned an alternative location and arrangements will be made to allow members who are scheduled to work during the nomination periods an opportunity to make nominations.

Members making nominations will be required to provide the nominee’s name, the nominee’s local lodge number, and the nominee’s card number at the time of the nomination. An individual member may nominate fewer than the required number of candidates for each position. Each local lodge must notify the IAM and DOL of the results of its nominations by Monday, January 27, 2014.

Each local lodge shall endorse no more than one candidate for each officer position. In the event that a local lodge has contested nominations, local lodge members in good standing will vote by secret ballot for the nominee(s) to be endorsed by the local lodge. Candidates who receive a plurality of votes will earn the local lodge endorsement for the contested offices.

The local lodge must nominate the required number of candidates for each position in order to validate the local lodge’s endorsement for that position. The failure by the local lodge to nominate the required number of candidates for a position will invalidate the nominations for that race.

Article 3, Section 7 of the IAM Constitution states that all candidates for grand lodge office must be endorsed by 25 different local lodges… Local lodge members can check the website, www.grandlodgenominations.org, prior to February 8, 2014 to find out if an endorsement vote is necessary in their local.

The IAM will provide direct notice of nominations by mail to the last known home address of all members of the local lodges in the U.S. during the week of December 16, 2013. The notice will inform the members of the dates, times, and locations of the nominations process and, if necessary, the endorsement voting process. A general notice will also be posted on the IAM website.

8. NOMINATOR ELIGIBILITY Nominations will be accepted from members in good standing. Article 2, Section 4 of the IAM Constitution states that the term “good standing” applies to “any person who has fulfilled the requirements for membership as prescribed herein and who has not voluntarily withdrawn therefrom, become ineligible for continued membership, or been suspended or expelled as provided in this Constitution or in the bylaws of subordinate lodges approved as required under this Constitution. Members who fail to pay their dues, assessments, or other fees within the periods required by this constitution or the bylaws of the local lodge or district lodge will be subject to automatic cancellation of membership.”

Article I, Section 14 states that “delinquency is defined as the failure of a member to pay his/her dues, fines, and assessments or special levies within the current month except as otherwise provided in this constitution.”

Retirees who obtain a retirement card at the time of their retirement will be eligible to nominate and participate in local lodge endorsement votes.

9. CAMPAIGN PROCEDURES The LMRDA requires that all candidates be treated equally with respect to the opportunity to campaign. Section 401(g) provides that any monies received by the IAM grand lodge, district lodge, local lodge, or any other labor organization by way of dues, assessments, or similar levy, or monies of any employer may not be used directly or indirectly to support or denounce the candidacy of any person in a union election of officers. This prohibition extends to equipment, vehicles, office supplies, postage, websites, and newsletters of any IAM grand lodge, district lodge, local lodge, or and any other labor organization and to employers, whether or not they employ IAM members.

Candidates and their supporters may not campaign on union or employer time.

Candidates and their supporters may not send campaign emails from union or employer email addresses.

Candidates and their supporters may not use a union list of grand lodge, district lodge, or local lodge members to distribute campaign literature. This includes a list that was created or obtained by a candidate or their supporter in their capacity as a union officer or employee.

Candidates and their supporters must keep all receipts for campaign purchases (including copies of campaign literature) to demonstrate that they paid full market price for all products and services.

Candidates and their supporters must keep track of all campaign donations to prove that all funds contributed to their campaign were from private individuals – as opposed to unions or employers.

Section 401(e) provides that members may not be subjected to penalty, discipline, or improper interference or reprisal of any kind in the exercise of their right to support the candidate of their choice.

10. DISTRIBUTION OF CAMPAIGN LITERATURE Section 401(c) of the LMRDA provides that a union must comply with all reasonable requests by any candidate to distribute campaign literature at the candidate's expense. If you want to use the IAM list to distribute campaign literature to all or any portion of the membership or local lodges, contact the OLMS election supervisor. There will be a fee for distribution of the literature.

11. OBSERVERS Section 401(c) guarantees the right of a candidate to have an observer. Candidates are entitled to have observers during the election process. If you want to have an observer, please contact the OLMS election supervisor.

12. PRESERVATION OF RECORDS Section 401(e) of the LMRDA requires that all nomination and election records be preserved for one year.

​13. ELECTION PROTESTS Any member in good standing may protest the supervised election for valid cause; such protest should be made directly to the OLMS election supervisor in writing as soon as possible, but no later than 10 days after the election.