Jay Cronk

Candidate for IAM International President,
​IAM Nominations Jan. 25

Card No. AK014715 Local Lodge 1112

​As IAM International Transportation Coordinator, Jay Cronk has helped lead the union as a senior member of the International staff for more than 14 years, beginning June, 1999. He has been an active member and leader within the IAM for more than 38 years, since his initiation on January 8, 1975.

For eight years as Transportation Coordinator Jay was responsible for all of the IAM’s national organizing efforts within the airline and railroad industries.

Jay is the go-to guy for many who consider him an expert in the Railway Labor Act, National Mediation Board Rules and Procedures, and contract interpretation and enforcement.

In his career Jay has been involved in collective bargaining negotiations at all levels and participated in Presidential Emergency Boards 220, 222, 226, 227, 230, 240, 242 involving Amtrak, Conrail, Metro North Commuter Railroad and the National Carrier’s Conference Committee representing all Class 1 freight railroads in the U.S

Among his accomplishments in Transportation the past 14 years, Jay has:
- Served as the IAM representative on Federal Railroad Administration committees
- Represented our membership on the Railroad Division of the Transportation Trades Department, the legislative arm of trade labor on rail industry issues
- Served as a member of the Cooperating Rail Labor Organization overseeing the administration of the Rail Employees National Healthcare Plan
- Represented the IAM at all Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) hearings relevant to locomotive power and equipment, worker safety and monitored the status of rule and regulation issues
- Handled unresolved claims, grievances and appeals of discipline emanating from within District Lodge 19
- Served as a Labor member on the National Railroad Adjustment Board NRAB 2nd Division representing all IAM railroad members, presented/argued all 2nd Division cases -- claims, grievances and appeals of discipline -- reviewed awards of all four divisions of the NRAB
- Voted on the adoption of arbitration awards, composed arbitration dockets, selected arbitrators and scheduled hearings
- Served as a labor member on the National Mediation Board’s Section 3 Committee
- Monitored case loads, addressed backlogs, staffing and funding levels at the NRAB.

In February, 1992 Jay joined the staff of District 19 as a General Chairman, winning
re-election in 1995 and 1999.  In that post, Jay was responsible for the negotiation and administration of collective bargaining agreements both national and regional in scope, National Passenger Railroad Corporation/Amtrak; freight railroads Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail), Bangor and Aroostock, Bessemer & Lake Erie, Delaware & Hudson, Philadelphia, Bethlehem & New England, Boston and Maine, Maine Central, and Springfield Terminal. He was responsible for the negotiation and administration of collective bargaining agreements covering our members working at commuter railroads including: Long Island Railroad, Metro North Commuter Railroad, New Jersey Transit and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA).

As a General Chairman Jay served as the Labor member on numerous Public Law Boards and Special Boards of Adjustment, presenting/arguing cases before the panel on behalf of members who were unfairly disciplined and/or unjustly treated by their employer.

In 1998, International President R. Thomas Buffenbarger appointed Jay to the IAM’s 2nd Blue Ribbon Commission, which toured the country listening to the concerns and ideas of our membership.

From 1978-88, Jay served on the Executive Board of former District Lodge 22, then based in Philadelphia., and then served on the Executive Board of District Lodge 19 from 1988 through January, 1992.

Jay began his IAM career in January, 1975 as a member of IAM Local Lodge 1112 in New Haven, CT, while working as a locomotive machinist/mechanic on the Penn Central Railroad.  In his early experience in Local Lodge 1112, Jay rose through the ranks to positions as Committeeman, Recording Secretary, President, and Local Chairman/Chairman of the Grievance Committee.

Jay is the father of four and has six grandchildren, he currently serves our membership as a Grand Lodge Representative based in Maryland.