Jay Cronk   Candidate for Int'l President

Card #AK014715 Local Lodge 1112
As IAM International Transportation Coordinator, Jay Cronk helped lead the union as a senior member of the International staff for more than 14 years, beginning June, 1999. He has been an active member and leader within the IAM for more than 38 years, since his initiation in 1975. For eight years as Transportation Coordinator Jay was responsible for all of the IAM’s national organizing efforts within the airline and railroad industries. Jay is the go-to guy for many who consider him an expert in the Railway Labor Act, National Mediation Board Rules and Procedures, and contract interpretation and enforcement. READ MORE


April 2014 Election for
Grand Lodge Officers

Karen Asuncion    Candidate for IAM General Vice President

​IAM Card #BL010412 Local Lodge 1759 Karen Asuncion has been dedicated and committed to serving the membership of the IAM as long as she's been a member for 30 years. Her experience spans leadership positions within Local and District Lodges, making her uniquely qualified as a candidate for IAM General Vice President. Karen is experienced in all facets of trade unions and membership representation having been actively involved in benefits administration, contract interpretation and enforcement, arbitration and contract negotiations. From 1999 - 2010, Karen held a senior-level position at District 141 as an Assistant General Chair (AGC - comparable to a Business Rep under the National Labor Relations Act). She served as the Benefits Coordinator for the District for 14 years from 1996 through October 2010. READ MORE 

Jason Redrup

Candidate for IAM General Vice President

Card No. BN057217 Local Lodge 751-A 

Jason Redrup is a 20-year IAM member and union leader who has held a number of leadership positions including president of Local IAM751A, vice president of District 751, Work Transfer Rep and Business Rep.  Jason began his membership in 1984 at General Dynamics (now Lockheed) in Texas, then moved to Seattle to work for Eagle Container, then Todd Shipyards, and for Boeing since 1996. As an IAM leader, he has been a tireless advocate for the members on many fronts, always with the priority of putting members first. Jason was a leader in his Local and District Lodges from the start. He served his Local as auditor, trustee, vice president and president, in addition to years as a union steward. He was elected and served as a district council delegate and vice president of District 751. As president of Local IAM 751-A, he led over 17,000 members, one of the largest locals in the IAM.  READ MORE

Tim O'Brien

Candidate for IAM General Vice President

Card #BD051340 Local Lodge 851 

Entering his 5th term as President of Local Lodge 851, Tim has led his membership for more than a decade since 2001 and has does so through some of the most tumultuous times in the industry. With over 39 years at Caterpillar, one of the nation’s most vociferously anti-union employers, Tim knows a lot about adversarial labor-management relations and how to deal with that adversity.  Tim has been an active member and leader since his initiation with the IAM over 39 years ago, having served as a steward and trustee at his Local before being elected President in 2001. Tim also serves as a member of the Executive Board at District 8, and served as VP of the Illinois State Council of Machinists from 2008 through Feb. 2013, the first 851 President to hold that office.   READ MORE

Patrick E. Maloney

Candidate for IAM General Vice President

IAM Card #0L061755 Local #63
Patrick Maloney entered the union movement 20 years ago in 1993 as employees tried to organize Precision Castparts Corp in Portland, Oregon. Maloney remembers, “We failed and as a result I was fired for organizing in 1997. The NLRB sued the employer on my behalf and I won a record settlement. In the process I became a Boeing employee and a member of the IAM Local 63.” As a committed IAM leader, Maloney has served Local 63 under four presidents in a variety of positions: 

- Secretary Treasurer (under 3 Presidents) 2004-2011

- Executive Board Member 1999-2002

- Auditor 1991-2002
- Northwest Oregon Labor Council Delegate 1999-2002
- Delegate to the District 2005-2013
- Delegate to the Oregon Machinist Council 2005-2012
- President of the Machinist Building Association 2004-2010
- Boeing Shop Steward 2004-2008.

​He has also organized for the IAM, most notably Boeing in South Carolina in August 2009. “I am always proud to serve and honored to lead,” Maloney says

Dale Cancienne

Candidate for IAM General Secretary-Treasurer

IAM Card #CA050847 Local Lodge 1905
Dale Cancienne has been with United Airlines and the IAM for more than 25 years. He currently serves as Secretary/Treasurer of Local Lodge 1905 in New Orleans (MSY) and has served as the Grievance Committee Chairman (United) for 10 of the past 12 years. He previously served as Vice President of Local Lodge 1905. Additionally, Dale served as a delegate representing District Lodge 141 at numerous District Lodge Conventions and Chairman Conferences over his career.  Announcing his campaign for International General Secretary-Treasurer, Cancienne says, “Building on my 26 years at United Airlines, I believe my knowledge and experience makes me uniquely qualified to be an international voice for our members employed in line stations.  Representing my Sisters and Brothers would be a tremendous privilege and a great honor.”  Cancienne received his bachelor of science degree in Electrical Engineering from Nicholls State University in 1987.

Sande Lien

Candidate for IAM General Vice President

​IAM Card #CB016729 Local Lodge 2202

Sande Lien has been an active IAM member for the past 14 years while working at Alaska Airlines in Seattle. Sande has held various leadership positions within her local, including serving as auditor, trustee and communicator. Sande is a delegate to the King County Labor Council and Washington Machinists Council. She was a delegate to both the 2004 and 2008 Grand Lodge Conventions, as well as attending various Airline District conferences.

At Alaska Air, Sande has worked as a reservation sales agent, operations agent, customer service agent (lead and trainer), air cargo customer service agent (lead) and ticket counter - serving as shop steward at each work location.

She is passionate about the labor movement and ensuring all union members have a voice. Recent incidents, such as the vote at Boeing, prompted her to step up her activities. She believes the membership is the union, not just the officers, and she wants to be a part of reforming our great union to ensure we are continually fighting for good jobs and empowering our membership to participate.